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J1 is a visionary emcee, poet, producer, and hip hop artist, from San Luis Obispo, California. Dedicated to bringing truthful energy and conscious expansion through the power of the spoken word, J1 brings a unique style, blended with revolutionary thinking.


J1 Opens for Tech N9ne

Performing BURN

In a packed house of 800 heads at The Freemont Theater in San Luis Obispo, J1 had the crowd bouncing and getting down with the call and response!

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J1 Opens for nickatina at The Siren

Press Play

J1 performing Arm Me of ONE

J1 Interview with SLO Sound

Music with a Message

An in depth interview where J1 explains the message in his lyrics and talks about how the hardships in his past shaped him for the times when he would stand in front of people with a microphone


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Vox By J1, beat by BSide

What A Gun Can Do

Have a Look

Live on New Year's Eve at The Baywood Ale House


Montana De Oro with the homies

Adventure through the trees and on the beach with my best friends


Dec 5th 2017

J1 Opens for The Flobots

In a packed house of 300 plus, J1 rocked the spot with style and grace, encouraging the people present to remember their true connection with each other, and take action within their community towards bettering this world. Everyone was bouncing, and getting down with all the call and response.  Def a night to remember!


January 1, 2018

J1 announces the upcoming Skull Mask Mixtape!!!

The follow up release to the smash hit album Nu-Merica, the Skull Mask Mixtape will drop within the next couple weeks!! Promised to deliver new styles and cutting edge lyrical prowess, plus several beats from producers around the globe. Skull Mask is sure to take you into the future while honoring the past and roots of Hip Hop culture! Stay tuned!!!


Dec 9th 2017

Cayucos Collective Holiday Art Show

J1 n Endless rocked the local crowd, while kids danced and adults chanted with the songs. Wall to wall with onlookers, the Cayucos Collective once again was the place to be, with amazing local artists showcasing genius, with the muses of conscious hip hop as the theme music. Thank you to the entire town for coming out and showing LOVE!


June 23rd 2017

J1 n Endless Rock Big Surreal

In the Carmel Valley Hills, we stepped on to an amazing stage in front of a small city of conscious folks during the 2017 Big Surreal Festival. In board shorts and tank tops, we ripped it in 100 degree weather. Luckily there was an ocean breeze and lots of love in the air. Thank you to the 1000 + people who came out, and made it such a memorable couple days!!

Nu Merica enters the Matrix

Something so personal...my thoughts down on paper, then vocalized, and turned into song...then shared with the world. Something so freeing and expanding, that i hold sacred. I've had a crazy life, that has seen so much death...so much beauty... so much to be thankful for...so much to make me Believe in something more...so much to fight for with all my heart. Come with me on this journey, and I promise you will always receive truthful energy, and all that is here for you


Artist Info

J1 aka Jonathan Star is an American poet/emcee and producer, residing in California. He's been writing since he was a child, and performing musically since he was a teenager.  Schooled in the Mystical Arts, and dedicated to a prolific message of healing, and Revolution of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  He is the creator of the UnderStream, an underground network of artists, musicians, and activists, who work behind the scenes to bring Light into a seemingly Dark world.



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